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What do Enterprise Rent A Car do?

We offer our customers local and airport rentals, car sharing, exotic car hire and van hire, along with our Flex-E-Rent division, providing business solutions for long-term commercial vehicle and specialised fleet needs including LCVs, HGVs, temperature-controlled vehicles and accessible minibuses.

What is the starting pay at Enterprise Rent a Car?

Enterprise Rent A Car Salaries

Job Title Salary
Enterprise Enterprise Rent A Car salaries – 31 salaries reported $11/hr
Enterprise Enterprise Rent A Car salaries – 20 salaries reported $13/hr
Enterprise Holdings Enterprise Rent A Car salaries – 5 salaries reported $37,288/yr

What’s it like working for Enterprise Rent a Car?

Enterprise is a good place to work after you graduate. You will learn customer service, sales, operations. The bad side is that you work about 50-55 hours a week so you won’t have time to spend with family or friends. The pay is good but you can apply to different jobs were the pay is better and have work/life balance.

What do you need to work at Enterprise?

Rated as a top company to work for, Enterprise seeks applicants with necessary education and experience levels to fill positions. Qualified applicants must meet the minimal age requirement of 18 years old. Positions demand high school diplomas or equivalents with advanced education preferred.

Does Enterprise pay well?

The average Enterprise Holdings salary ranges from approximately $19,632 per year for Delivery Driver to $109,737 per year for Software Architect. Average Enterprise Holdings hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.77 per hour for Rental Agent to $24.53 per hour for Data Entry Clerk.

Does Enterprise Rent A Car drug test?

No drug test, even at orientation.

What do enterprise employees wear?

White shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes.

Does Enterprise get paid weekly?

Pay schedule is hourly. It is typical to receive pay by end of week (Friday). All wages due for the week can be reviewed the Wednesday prior to pay day.

Does Enterprise Rent A Car hire felons?

Typically, Enterprise does not hire felons who have a theft charge or any financial crime on their record. Because of the heavy reliance on the transactions in car rentals, the company will not consider hiring anyone who has any offense related to finances or other types of fraud.

Does Enterprise Check your degree?

Enterprise only does educational backgrounds if you want to move up or apply to a higher position in the company if you apply to just be a driver or a service agent they do ask for education information but it’s not really needed to be a driver or a service agent, but if you are wanting to rent out cars like a …

Can you work for enterprise with a DUI?

You will not be hired with a DUI and if you get a DUI while work at Enterprise you will lose your job.

Do they do a background check to rent a car?

Rental car companies are not legally required to run driver record checks, but there are two main schools of thought. On one hand, some companies use driver record checks as a proactive measure to block the riskiest drivers.

Does Enterprise verify your driver’s license?

Among the major car rental companies, Enterprise is an exception to this trend. “We do not run a D.M.V. check on drivers,” said Christy Conrad, an Enterprise spokeswoman. “We inspect the driver’s license to check that it’s ‘facially valid.

Can I rent a car with a bad driving record?

Many companies check driving records when customers arrive at the counter, and reject those whose records don’t meet company standards. Even if you have a confirmed reservation, you may be disqualified from renting a car for recent violations, including: reckless driving. seat belt law violations.

Can you rent a car if you have a warrant?

Generally, they are only accessible to law enforcement, and will typically not show up on a background check. You would not be able to rent from me if you had an outstanding warrant show up on your background check. You would not be able to rent from me if you had a criminal conviction for a drug related crime.

How do I get off the no rent list at Enterprise?

You can get off the DNR list by paying them the disputed amount.

What happens if I get pulled over in a rental?

If you get pulled over by a police officer who issues a ticket, you should handle it quickly on your own. In this case, the rental car company will receive the ticket and then pass that bill to you, along with an administrative fee.

What happens if you get a ticket on a rental?

If this happens while you’re in a rental car, simply handle the ticket the same way you normally would. With a parking ticket, on the other hand, the violation is charged directly to the vehicle and not to your driver’s license. As a result, it is more likely that the rental car company will find out about the ticket.

How can you tell a rental car?

Watch for sticker color variations on license plates. For example, Virginia rental cars use standard passenger plates, but use a white on orange sticker to denote that the car is a rental car. Look for a license plate frame or placard that advertises a rental car company.

What happens if you go through a toll road in a rental car?

If you’ve rented a car and do not have a transponder, the toll charge will be sent to the vehicle’s owner—the rental car company—which will promptly forward that charge to you, the driver. In addition, that toll charge will be accompanied by an extra administration fee.

How do you pay tolls on a rental car?

You can also pay tolls incurred by a rental/loaner vehicle at, The Toll Roads free app or through your rental company. You can pay tolls without an account within five days before and five days after driving The Toll Roads at and using our free app.

Can you leave your vehicle at Enterprise?

If you rent from Enterprise, you can leave your personal car at the Enterprise lot.

How does enterprise know if you smoke?

It smells when you smoke in a car. A smoker can’t tell the difference because they are used to that smell but a non-smoker can instantly tell someone smoked in that car even if you smoked weeks ago.

How much is enterprise deposit?

A credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter’s name (Deposit amount varies by location from $100 to $300 plus the actual cost of rental).

Does enterprise charge for dirty cars?

Does Enterprise charge a cleaning fee? No; however, we expect rental cars to be returned in the same clean condition that they were first rented in. If a vehicle requires excessive cleaning or special cleaning products, a cleaning fee will be applied to your overall rental cost.

Can you go to jail for not returning a rental car?

If they do not return the item as agreed, they could be charged with an offense, and, if convicted, face jail time and steep fines. A person could be charged with this offense for overlooking the rental period on the vehicle or believing the agreement had been extended when it hadn’t.

Should you wash a rental car before returning it?

Do I need to wash my rental car before returning? Usually, the answer to this question is no. Rental car companies are set up with car cleaning facilities, as they know washing the vehicles is part and parcel of the business. One area where you might need to clean up after yourself is inside the rental car.

How do you avoid a deposit on a rental car?

When you travel, use your PayPal debit card to cover your rental car deposit….Renting a Car With a Debit Card

  1. Deposit $1 Into Your PayPal Account.
  2. Look for a Hold on the Available Balance.
  3. Return the Car and Remove the Hold.