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What happened in Quantico Season 1?

Consisting of twenty-two episodes, season one follows Alex Parrish, the brightest FBI recruit in her class, who becomes an FBI field agent after graduating from the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia, and later becomes a prime suspect after a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal.

Who Bombed in Quantico Season 1?


Is Miranda bad Quantico?

Miranda revealed herself as a villainess to Alex in the episode, “Cleopatra,” when she abducted Alex from FBI headquarters, while holding her at gunpoint. She was approached by Alex, Raina, and Shelby in her post, and flatly turned down their request for her help out of self-preservation.

What happened to nimah in Quantico?

In RAINBOW, it was revealed that Raina had secretly been contacting Felix Cordova in order to find out where Nimah was being imprisoned at. As part of a plan to get away from the FBI, Raina allowed herself to be apprehended by the FBI. She was later incarcerated in a federal prison.

Are they really twins on Quantico?

Yasmine Al Massri, who played twins Nimah and Raina, will not be returning for the show’s abbreviated third run. The changes for ABC’s Quantico continue.

Are the Twins in Quantico one person?

Quantico’s Twins Are Played by the Same Person, and It’s So Badass. You know Nimah and Raina, the twins? Well, they’re not played by two sisters; they’re played by the same person. Lebanese-born actress Yasmine Al Massri has been pulling double duty as the characters since day one.

How old is Yasmine Al Massri?

42 years (November 21, 1978)

Who played the Twins in Quantico?

Yasmine Al Massri

How many seasons of Quantico are there?


Who plays Raina Amin?

Does Yasmine Al Massri have a twin?

In 2015, Massri starred as Nimah Amin and Raina Amin, identical twins in the ABC thriller series Quantico….Filmography.

Year 2014
Title Crossbones
Role Selima El Sharad
Notes Series regular, 9 episodes