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Can other students see your GPA on handshake?

Can students see other students’ GPAs? Student GPA is never public unless the student expressly opts-in to make it public. If a student does choose to make their GPA public, this information is visible to employers only.

Does handshake show students who viewed your profile?

This list of employers is only visible to you –– other employers (or students) cannot access your list. The name of the employer profile in Handshake is what will be displayed, and we do not display which recruiter from that employer viewed your profile.

How do you find someone’s handshake?

How to View a Student’s Profile

  1. Select the student you are looking for by searching for their name in the Search bar or narrowing your search by using one or more of the filters at the top of the page (Ex. Labels, Major and Skill).
  2. ​Click on a student’s name to open their profile.

How do I download my resume from handshake?

Download a Student Resume Book

  1. Put a check next to the students you’d like to include in the download.
  2. Click the bulk action More, then click the preferred download resume (PDF or ZIP file).
  3. You will see a prompt to confirm the selected action.
  4. You’ll see that your download is building.

How do you update your resume on a handshake?

How to Upload a New Document

  1. Click on your account icon in the upper-right corner of Handshake, then click on Documents.
  2. Click on Add New Document, in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Drag or choose a document from your computer. You can name it, select the document type, and then click Add Document.

How do I upload my transcript to handshake?

Log into your Handshake account. In the upper right hand corner, click your name, choose “Documents” from the drop down menu and then go to the “Transcripts” section and click the “upload one” link. Title your transcript: First Name Last Name Transcript and then click “Select From Computer” to upload the file.

What specific document can you upload into handshake to help build your handshake profile?

Uploaded documents can be resumes, cover letters, transcripts, work samples, or other documents requested by the employer. Document uploads must be 20 MB or less, and files should be in PDF (preferred), .