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How do I upload my own audio to Tumblr?

Tumblr allows you to search for tracks, use an external link or even upload your own audio posts.

  1. Click the “Audio” post button at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Click “Choose File.” Locate and select the audio file you want to upload from your computer and click “Open.” Tumblr allows audio posts up to 10 megabytes.

How do you post on the Tumblr app?

Create a quick text post in your Tumblr blog by following these steps:

  1. Click the Text Post icon (a capital and lowercase letter A) on your Tumblr dashboard. Tumblr displays the Add a Text Post page.
  2. (Optional) Give your blog post a title in the Title field.
  3. Type the text of your blog post in the Post field.

Where can I upload audio for free?


Free Sharing 2GB Yes
Soundcloud 3hours Yes
Mixcloud Unlimited Yes
Google Play 50.000 Songs No

Where can I upload audio?

  • SoundCloud. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud remains as one of the world’s top audio distribution platforms and attracts over 175 million monthly unique visitors.
  • Audiomack. Not too far behind SoundCloud, Audiomack is on the rise as a fan-friendly streaming platform.
  • iTunes.
  • Spotify.
  • YouTube.
  • Bandcamp.
  • Vimeo.
  • Tidal.

More Definitions of audio link audio link means a system of two-way communication linking different places so that a person speaking at any one of the places can be heard at the other; Example—An audio link may be established by facilities such as a two-way radio or telephone.

How do I create a song link?

  1. 01 1. Copy a valid music URL. Find the album or track you want to make your song link for on a streaming service.
  2. 02 2. Click “Create link” on Linkfire. Create a link with Linkfire.
  3. 03 3. Customize!
  4. 04 4. Share it with your fans!
  5. 05 5. Analyze the results.

How do you post MP3 on Facebook?


  1. Open your account and click “Choose or drop a file from your computer”.
  2. Select the file you want to upload and click “Open”
  3. Once added, click on your file and a new window will pop up. From there, copy the link and paste it on your Facebook timelines.

Can I post a song on Facebook?

Facebook has officially rolled out the ability to add songs to Stories and News Feed posts. The social network started testing the feature with a small number of users in September. That’s not Facebook’s only music-related feature rollout: it’s also expanding Lip Sync Live’s availability.

How can I share mp3 on messenger?

Send MP3 files via Messenger on your phone You just need to find the music file in your phone, click on the file to select> click Share / Share. Find Facebook Messenger. Select the person you want to send the music to and then click Submit . You can write a few more descriptions for the music you send.

Can I send audio files on messenger?

Open Facebook Messenger and browse to the person you want to send your audio recording. Select the Add Files icon, then browse to the location of your audio recording. Add a message explaining what the audio file is (if you want), then send the message.

How do you add audio to a messenger story?

To add music to your story:

  1. Open the Facebook app for iOS or Android.
  2. Tap Add Story at the top of your News Feed.
  3. At the top of the screen, swipe to the right and tap Music.
  4. Tap to select a song.
  5. Drag the slider left or right to select a clip from the song, then tap Done.

What audio format does messenger use?

MPEG-4 Part 14

What audio format does Facebook use?

Use the H. 264 codec for Facebook video, and the AAC codec for the audio portion of your video. H. 264 is a popular (and very good) video codec that yields high quality video for the file size.

How can I record Messenger audio calls?

Facebook Messenger Call Recorder for Android….

  1. Launch the Facebook call recorder.
  2. Start a call.
  3. Start recording the Facebook call.
  4. Edit and save the recording file.

What is Messenger audio call?

Rolling out globally over the next 24 hours on Android and iOS for free, users can start a group VoIP audio call from any group chat. Just tap the Phone icon, select which of the group chat members you want included and they’ll all receive a Messenger call simultaneously.

Are Messenger phone calls recorded?

Facebook confirmed that it had been transcribing users’ audio and said it will no longer do so. “We paused human review of audio more than a week ago,” the company said Tuesday. The company said the users who were affected chose the option in Facebook’s Messenger app to have their voice chats transcribed.

Do you pay for Messenger phone calls?

Facebook Messenger’s voice calling feature is similar to other standalone messaging apps such as Viber and WeChat. Users can make phone calls to friends for free, provided they have at least a wifi connection.

Do calls on Messenger show up on phone bill?

In many cases, the calls do not show up on the phone bill. If you are making calls using FaceTime audio or Voice over wi-fi, these calls may not show up on your bill. Call rates; Check how many LINE Out Free calls you can make today in the Calls tab.

Why do Messenger calls show on call log?

Facebook admitted on Friday (March 23) that its Android apps for Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger uploaded logs of users’ call and text-message histories to Facebook servers. The log updates happen if users grant the apps permission to sync contact-list information with Facebook.

Can I see who someone is talking to on Messenger?

To tell if someone is chatting on Facebook messenger, you can use NEXSPY as a reliable Facebook Messenger spy app. NEXSPY offers an outstanding Keylogger that helps you detect all the chats done from a target mobile phone. The best feature of the NEXSPY keylogger is that it is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Does Facebook Messenger have a call log?

Call and text history logging is part of an opt-in feature for people using Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android. We introduced this feature for Android users a couple of years ago.

Does the Green Dot mean they are chatting?

When you tap on a person profile for chat or video purposes. The green dot beside that video chat icon means that the person is available for video chat. They will know that you are reading receive video chat calls.

Is there an activity log for Messenger?

Download Messenger History From the Messenger Mobile App Open Messenger and tap your profile picture. Scroll down and tap Account Settings. Scroll down and select Download Your Information. Select the Messages check box to download your Messenger history.