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How long does it take to hear from Schlumberger?

Within 1-3 months, depending on the market trend. 3 months… interview, follow up interview at a location with other potential employees and 2 interviewers. Find out if receive job within another month.

Is Schlumberger a German company?

Schlumberger Limited (French: [ʃlum. bɛʁˈʒe, ʃlœ̃-]) is an oilfield services company….Schlumberger.

Type Public
Industry Oilfield services & equipment
Founded 1926 (as Electric Prospecting Company) Paris, France
Founders Conrad Schlumberger Marcel Schlumberger

Who bought out Schlumberger?

Liberty Oilfield Services Inc.

How many countries does Schlumberger operate in?

85 countries

Who owns Liberty oilfield?

Carlyle Group Inc.

How many employees does Liberty Oilfield Services have?

1,504 employees

Is Schlumberger upstream or downstream?

China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Schlumberger (SLB) are examples of large companies that focus on upstream services. Many of the largest upstream operators are the major diversified oil and gas firms, such as Exxon-Mobil (XOM).

What is the difference between upstream and downstream processing?

Upstream refers to the material inputs needed for production, while downstream is the opposite end, where products get produced and distributed.

What is the difference between upstream and downstream in a river?

The term upriver (or upstream) refers to the direction towards the source of the river, i.e. against the direction of flow. Likewise, the term downriver (or downstream) describes the direction towards the mouth of the river, in which the current flows.

What is the difference between upstream midstream and downstream?

The final sector of the oil and natural gas industry is known as ‘downstream. ‘Upstream’ is about extracting oil and natural gas from the ground; ‘midstream’ is about safely moving them thousands of miles; and ‘downstream’ is converting these resources into the fuels and finished products we all depend on.

What does midstream mean?

Midstream refers to points in the oil production process that falls between upstream and downstream. In particular, midstream activities include the storage, processing, and transportation of petroleum products. These may include companies that specialize in operating tanker ships, pipelines, or storage facilities.

Are refineries midstream or downstream?

Oil refining is a purely downstream function, although many of the companies doing it have midstream and even upstream production.

Is LNG midstream or downstream?

Midstream in ISO standards business category involving the processing and transportation sectors of petroleum industry. Examples: transportation pipelines, terminals, gas processing and treatment, LNG, LPG, and GTL.

What are downstream activities?

What Are Downstream Operations? Downstream operations are the processes involved in converting oil and gas into the finished product. These include refining crude oil into gasoline, natural gas liquids, diesel, and a variety of other energy sources.

What is a downstream energy company?

The downstream sector is the refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas, as well as the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas. …